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AirAsia’s in-flight meal is the most delicious and affordable so far

AirAsia is just the second airline that I have had an in-flight meal. The other is Philippine Airlines. I’m not a frequent traveler yet. I probably average just two airplane rides in every two years, so that means I can only compare two airline meals at this time.

The basis of my comparison of AirAsia’s food with PAL’s is the taste and the price, maybe this comparison might be too early since most of my meals with the latter were snacks. Regardless, I’m still entitled to make a comparison.

I like this Chicken Asado Bun from Philippine Airlines. This is included in the premium economy ticket.

There has been a lot of complain about the airline foods, and it’s always negative, mostly about taste and price. The long hours of preparation and preservation of the food affects the taste. And of course, most airline foods are expensive. even budget airline Cebu Pacific’s rice meals could fetch at least P350.

While PAL’s in-flight meals are all included in the ticket upon purchase, the food is basically categorized as economy or business. If you want to eat a full rice meal, you have fork-out at least P7,600 business ticket.

AirAsia managed to disprove the popular claims about bad airplane foods, because in my personal experience their rice meal is both tasty and affordable. My friends who flew with AirAsia can also attest.

I traveled to Iloilo City, from Cagayan de Oro in November. My first to take AirAsia Airlines, and it didn’t disappoint. My ticket didn’t have a pre-ordered meal, my usual reason is to save money. But while I was looking at the airline catalog, I was surprised to see the cheap prices, the meals are only less than 200 pesos. Some snacks are less than a hundred. Beside me were fellow bloggers, one was Xyza of The Purple Slippers who said that their food are to try for.

I ordered Nasi Lemak, because I was curious to taste a neighboring country’s’ delicacy. Nasi Lemak is a Malaysian cuisine, it is basically a chicken rendang, but with a twist. The rice is cooked in coconut milk, added with a spicy hot sambal sauce, peanuts and sliced boiled egg.

Nasi Lemak is a spicy hot, but delectable Malaysian dish.

Below is my Nasi Lemak, though it looks soggy, but not spoiled, and the taste is awesome.

AirAsia’s Nasi Lemak is P150 only.

All AirAsia’s rice meals are P150 each when you order it during the flight, but you can get it at P137 when you pre-order when you buy the ticket.

A CDO blogger beside me ordered an Uncle Chin’s Chicken Rice, a Chinese-Malaysian cuisine. The flight attendant was pleased after he told her “how delicious the food was”.

Uncle Chin’s Chicken Rice

Here are the other AirAsia’s rice meals and food photos I shot from their flight catalog.

Yes, a Filipino dish! The famous Beef Tapa.
Chicken Teriyaki with Rice is a Japanese dish.
Roasted chicken with pesto cream sauce.

The chicken with pesto cream sauce was so enticing when I first laid my eyes on the picture. Nevertheless, the Nasi Lemak was great. I will choose this on my next AirAsia flight.

Pre-order you meal and get P23.00 discount, and a free water or coffee.
Their hot drinks are only P60 and P70 each. How cool!

On my return flight, I tried out the drip coffee.  It’s works like a tea, but coffee.

If you’re a budget traveler catching a flight and have no time eating even at the airport, you’ll be confident to buy food inside AirAsia planes because of its affordability, and of course, it’s also delectable.

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