Iloilo’s unique and tasty bibingka

Bibingka is one of the most popular panghimagas or dessert in the Philippines. Probably, the two other popular Filipino desserts are suman and puto. I’ve eaten many bingka from all over the country, they all taste practically the same, but the ones I’ve munched in Iloilo City had me swept me off my feet. It was so good that I…

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Travel Facts & Tips

List of Mindanao Cities

Finding the list of cities in Mindanao online was not easy as I thought it would be. I had to confirm each of the city compiled in this Wikipedia link. I found a cities of Mindanao list in this website, it has only 27 cities, it was not updated. So, I had to make my own list. This tally of…

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Kawasan Falls in Badian, Cebu

Undoubtedly, the most popular waterfall in the Island of Cebu, it is a three-tier falls located in Badian, in the province of Cebu. About 3 hour bus ride, and 106 kilometers south of Cebu City. A favorite destination for Cebuanos and other tourists outside of Cebu alike. Called by a tourist the “paradise deep in the jungle.” The thick forest…

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Batanes, Videos

Be mesmerized by these Batanes drone videos

Batanes is a group of islands located in Cagayan Valley, in the northernmost of Luzon. This is probably the most favorite destination by video and travel bloggers because of its imposing green landscape that looks like straight out of the scene of the Lord of the Rings movie. The still images already sent us to dreamland, but a drone recorded…

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