Iloilo’s unique and tasty bibingka

Bibingka is one of the most popular panghimagas or dessert in the Philippines. Probably, the two other popular Filipino desserts are suman and puto.

I’ve eaten many bingka from all over the country, they all taste practically the same, but the ones I’ve munched in Iloilo City had me swept me off my feet. It was so good that I consider the other bingkas as second rate.

The Philippine rice cake is basically composed of the following ingredients: rice flour, milk, sugar and water. But the ones in Iloilo added coconut gata or milk, including its meat.

The appearance is unique. It’s small and flat, unlike most bibingkas which are bulky.

This costs ₱ 5.00 a piece or ₱ 20.00 a pack of 5 pieces.

Where to buy this bingka?

This bingka can easily be found in Molo, just close to the vicinity of the Molo Cathedral.

If you’re new to Iloilo, just ask your hotel or the locals which jeepneys are for Molo.

I went there at 7:00 in the morning, primarily to take pictures of Molo Cathedral, my companion who was hungry saw the vendors and bought a pack.

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