Iloilo’s unique and tasty bibingka

Bibingka is one of the most popular panghimagas or dessert in the Philippines. Probably, the two other popular Filipino desserts are suman and puto. I’ve eaten many bingka from all over the country, they all taste practically the same, but the ones I’ve munched in Iloilo City had me swept me off my feet. It was so good that I…

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The Ultimate Burger at Buddies in Cebu City

I was drooling after my friend posted a photo of her with a quadruple beef burger. Quadruple means four thick patties between the bun. She said it’s at Buddies, and it only costs P275 without the cheese yet though. I thought, I would really try this burger joint once I visit Cebu City. And I did. On my first day…

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